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Zahlé, auch Zahla oder Zahleh, arabisch زحلة Zahla, DMG Zaḥla; ist die Hauptstadt des Gouvernements Bekaa im Libanon. Die gut Einwohner sind fast. Zahlé steht für: Zahlé, eine Stadt im Libanon; Regierung Zahle, mehrere dänische Regierungen. Zahle ist der Familienname folgender Personen. Carl Theodor. Wir brauchen genaue Zahlen mit zwei Stellen nach dem Komma. — We need accurate figures with two digits after the decimal point. Die Buchhalterin schrieb. Preklad slova „ zählen ” z nemčiny do slovenčiny Anfangsrate pünktlich zahlen, die, →, počiatočnú splátku presne zaplatiťpočiatočnú splátku presne zaplatiť. Translations in context of "zahle" in German-English from Reverso Context: zähle​, ich zahle, ich zähle, zähle bis drei, ich zähle bis drei.


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At the city's southern entrance the statue of a graceful female personifies wine and poetry, but you don't have to look far to see evidence of the real thing.

The hills north of town with names like Wadi Hadi, Harqat, Bir Ghazour and Tell Zeina are covered with the neat rows of vineyards that supply Zahle's wine and arak industries.

Of special interest here are the extensive underground caves built around a natural grotto known and enlarged by the Romans. In a carnival-like atmosphere "Miss Vine" is elected and cars are decorated with flowers representing national symbols.

Corpus-Christi is celebrated on the first Thursday of June with a torch-light parade held on the eve of the festival. The next morning a mass takes place at Our Lady of Najat Church , followed by a procession of townspeople carrying the "Holy Bread" through the streets.

Although this is a private home, one can easily appreciate its courtyard, garden and arched upper galleries — all typical of 17th century architecture.

An old underground tunnel 1, meters long leads from the house to the church of St. Elias Al-Tuwak. Built by Sheikh Khalil Geha in the early 17th century, today the seventh generation of the Geha family resides in this room dwelling.

Other private residences in the same area are the lovely al-Hindi, Youssef Azar and Wadih Skaf houses.

These are several hundred years old and also designed with arcades and walled gardens. A t the start of the 20th century Zahle began building hotels to serve its budding tourist and summer resort trade.

Although the "Sohat" health Hotel built in has been demolished, three establishments from this era can still be seen: the Hotel America , the Hotel Akl and the Hotel Kadri undergoing restoration.

The Kadri, built in , has seen its share of history. The hotel was taken over by the Turkish army in and used as headquarters and a hospital during World War I.

The Souk al-Blatt , or "tiled market" is a market street leading to one of the oldest parts of the city. A large part of Zahle's history was written in this souk, where in former times travelers to and from Syria, Baghdad and Palestine bought and sold their goods.

A project is planned to restore the street and make it a center for crafts and other traditional activities. In past centuries this housh, or market area, was a conglomerate of khans caravansaries , craft center and shops.

Here shoemakers, woodworkers weavers, copper workers and saddle makers plied their trades. It was also an important commercial center where vendors sold agricultural and industrial products.

Today these structures are somewhat obscured by modern shopfronts, but projects are afoot to restore the area.

Built in , it originally stood at the center of the city. The Church of St. This impressive structure is also known as Al-Moukhallasiah.

The monastery is known as well for a beautiful icon of the Virgin Mary, a gift from the King of Prussia.

Located on a high hill of the same name, this site is a good spot for photographs. The structure is crowned with a ten-meter-high bronze statue of the Virgin, the work of the Italian artist, Pierroti.

The base houses a small chapel seating about people. Snowcapped mountains tower above it in winter, while in summer its meter elevation keeps the air light and dry.

The city center spreads along both banks of the Bardouni River, with the older section of town on the upper elevations of the west bank and the shopping district on the east bank.

In this century alone some 50 poets and writers were born here. Even their spoken Arabic has a particular flair.

The city's reputation for intellectual vigor comes from a long line of writers, thinkers and poets who have contributed to Lebanon's cultural and political scene.

Here you can enjoy the traditional Lebanese. A Bardouni restaurant. Ksara Winery. The Monastery of Our Lady of Najat. Some of the factors for the expansion included the Egyptian Occupation , which lead to the opening of the country to European trade, the Crimean War which had caused grain shortages in Europe and the expansion of silk production in Mount Lebanon.

By the s and s the local merchants were prosperous but were still dependent on banks in Beirut for credit for their transactions. The current population is not accurately known, since no census has been conducted in Lebanon since , but a sensible estimate gives 60, people in the town proper, [ citation needed ] making it the country's fourth largest the locals tend to give figures of , or , inhabitants, which however are misleading and completely unrealistic The urban area includes the neighbouring towns of Saadnayel , Taalabaya , Chtaura and Jdita to the Southwest, which have come to form a single urban entity since the late s due to anarchic growth, and is home to about , people.

In the past the town also had a Druze minority and even a small Jewish population, most of which however emigrated during the Lebanese Civil War.

During the Civil War in the s and s, a new flow of migrants left the town for the United States , Canada , Australia and Brazil. In recent years, emigration has continued, with Canada and the United Arab Emirates being the main destinations.

Today, an estimated , people of local descent live abroad, most of them in Colombia and Brazil. Grapes are the area's chief product, with vineyards forming a prominent feature of the surrounding landscape.

Institutes of higher education currently represented in the town include:. The journey can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the traffic.

Despite continuously undergoing works and repairs, the Beirut-Damascus road remains in poor condition, and is due to be replaced by a new, multimillion-dollar highway as the main international route, [ citation needed ] however the completion date is still unclear.

Due to widespread car ownership, public transportation remains underdeveloped. There is a single bus line, which runs on the central avenue at rather irregular times.

Interurban transportation is done by minivans, which stop on the Manara roundabout at the town's entrance. A regional airport could prove vital when the road to Beirut is closed because of heavy snowfall.

However, the project froze in the early s, after the runway extension had been initiated. Sheltered between the ravine's limestone cliffs, it is lined up with large outdoor restaurants, cafes and playrooms, and shaded by trees.

These restaurants specialize in traditional Lebanese meze served with arak. The promenade is closed during late fall and winter, when cold winds from the mountain sweep through the ravine.

At its base is a chapel that can seat a little over a hundred people. This Ottoman building was constructed in to serve as the town's Serail.

Though still known as "the Old Serail", it currently serves as the Town Hall. In the past, the ground floor used to house the local prison, which suffered of severe overcrowding and substandard conditions.

The prison was transferred in to a new location in Muallaqa, with room for about inmates and much more adequate infrastructure.

This grandiose complex dates back to , and consists of a series of stone-clad buildings around a large inner courtyard: the church itself which is the oldest part , the seat of the Archbishop a converted former monastery , and a small chapel housing an icon, which is said to be a reproduction of a portrait of the Virgin Mary by Saint Lucas.

Part of the complex was destroyed by a bomb attack in April , and rebuilt ever since. It has long been used by most officials and dignitaries visiting the town, as its largest and most luxurious hotel.

The Ottomans converted it to a hospital during World War I. During the Lebanese Civil War, it was occupied by Syrian troops and sustained enormous damage.

The hotel closed in February due to a conflict between its direction and the Catholic Church its effective owner since and reopened later in Skaff Park is larger, but contains considerably fewer trees.

The park houses a collection of marble tables with mosaic depictions of several sites in Lebanon, a small pond with waterlilies, a semi-circular marble tholos, and several sculptures representing famous locals.

The city is known as "the City of Wine and Poetry". A graceful personification of this nickname stands at the town's entrance: a statue of Erato , the Muse of love poetry , holding a bunch of grapes.

The final Saturday evening features the crowning of the "Maid of the Vine", the local beauty queen , and the next afternoon, the festival closes with arguably its most popular event: a parade of floats held on the town's main avenue.

The floats are entirely decorated with flowers according to a central theme. The other central aspect of the local culture is religious devotion.

In particular, it is customary to pay visit to 7 churches on Good Friday. Holidays also endorse a very social character, being a time to visit friends and relatives.

Prophet Elias Elijah is the town's patron saint , whose feast on July 20 is traditionally celebrated with fireworks.

Another notable holiday is Corpus-Christi, celebrated on the first Thursday of June with a large-scale procession, with a torch-lit parade being held on the previous evening.

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Come in and I'll pay you. Lohnt sich so ein Bezahlmodell? Andernfalls können wir Ihre Buchung nicht Free Bet. Anfangs habe das wunderbar geklappt, erzählt der Gastronom Pourya Feily. In unserem Auftrag wird Google diese Informationen benutzen, um Ihre Nutzung der Website auszuwerten, Poker Bonus Vergleich Reports über die Websiteaktivitäten zusammenzustellen und um weitere Startgames Casino der Websitenutzung und der Internetnutzung verbundene Dienstleistungen gegenüber uns zu erbringen. Die Daten aus der Reisebuchung werden zudem für eine ggf. Hier kann nicht einfach jeder The Last Casino, was er will. Die tatsächliche Abbuchung erfolgt erst zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt. Retrieved 25 August Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Check-out Escolher data. There has been human activity in the Paypal Guthaben Verdienen for at least years. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this Freelancer Gehalt by adding citations to reliable sources. Here you will find two partially preserved Roman temples.